Joe Nobody Books


The Flood Survival Guide

Best-selling author Joe Nobody’s new instruction guide was born of experience. Twice, in an 18-month period, his Houston, Texas residence was flooded.

Always wanting to help others prepare and endure, Joe has researched and developed a comprehensive work that addresses rising water disasters, both from pre-flood and post-flood perspectives.


This work includes sections on:

• Developing a plan

• What to expect

• Storage

• Pre-flood Preparations

• Home Improvements

• Working with FEMA

• The National Flood Insurance Program

• Charities and Volunteers

• Funds for recovery if uninsured

• Tax relief for flood victims

• Drying and Remediation

• Dealing with Contractors

• Mortgages and Banks

• Looters and Gouging

• DIY tips and concepts

• Home values and equity





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