Joe Nobody Books


95,000 words, 301 pages

Holding Their Own IX: The Salt War

Book IX of best-selling author Joe Nobody’s series, Holding Their Own, explores how old grudges and long-simmering social divisions could threaten the recovery of post-apocalyptic Texas.


Bishop hatches a plan to pull Terri away from the stressful responsibility of managing the Alliance, but his scheme quickly goes awry. The couple finds themselves isolated, hunted, and in the middle of a modern-day range war.


Nick is leading Bishop’s team while the Texan is away bonding with his family. Sent on a mission to integrate another community into the Alliance’s fold, the operator becomes the subject of an extensive manhunt. His life depends on Grim, Cory, and Kevin igniting an uprising and exposing the foul deeds of a ruthless dictator.


The Salt War takes the reader on a high-speed, low-drag gallop through a world still struggling with social and economic recovery. Join Bishop, Terri, and their friends as the struggle to rebuild continues.



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