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Holding Their Own X: The Toymaker

Life as a post-apocalyptic rancher isn’t easy for Bishop and his family. The Texan’s struggles are further complicated by a recovery that has left him feeling out of touch with the new realities of a rapidly changing society.


Out of the West comes the most serious challenge the Alliance has ever faced, a danger so potent that it could lead to another downfall and spell the end of the grand prototype in self-reliance.


Respecting Bishop and Terri’s wishes to live a normal, secluded life, the Alliance leadership does its best to overcome the new threat. Despite heroic acts and the best intentions, their efforts only succeed in pulling society closer to the brink of another collapse.


With their friends in danger, war looming on the horizon, and the Alliance’s future teetering on the brink, the couple are thrust into a fast-paced adventure that tests the limits of their skills, intellect, and love for each other.






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