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Joe's instruction guides focus on security for those who practice self-reliance. From the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller, Holding Your Ground, to the widely acclaimed Home Schooled Shootist, these titles are written in a style specifically designed to resonate with civilian preppers.


"While I have the ultimate respect for those that serve in the Infantry, there is a huge difference between the training, supplies, mind-set and operational methods used by the military, as opposed to the common prepper. The average prepper is operating with his family or alone. He doesn't care about small unit tactics, because he doesn't have the comfort of a unit or platoon. He isn't trying to take an objective, he only wants to survive and protect his family. He can't call in arty, armor or air. He won't be getting his calories from a box, and he won't have the luxury of resupply. He has no G2, drones, OGA Intel...he's most likely alone, scared, hungry, cold and confused after an event.


My average reader is in his mid-40s, has a job and a family to worry about. He/she can't train full time. He isn't going to send Aunt Helen out on an overnight listening post. He's not going to put his 10-year-old daughter into a sniper hide. He doesn't want to kill anyone. He is most likely not in prime physical condition." - Joe Nobody



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