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So what does the best selling author Joe Nobody keep in his bug out bag? Each item below was hand picked by Joe, personally tested and proven worthy. If you run into Joe after a collapse, this is what will be in his kit.


"While I can't say these are the only options, I promise each and every one performs well in the field."

- Joe Nobody


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Joe's Comments

Where to research

Rifle - Urban/Wooded:


POF P415 14.5  (5.56 NATO)

Piston AR15. Expensive, but the best combination of reliability and accuracy I've found. Legacy quality firearm that will last lifetime(s) of heavy use. Read article

Piston AR10. Expensive, but the best combination of reliability and accuracy (sub MOA)  I've found. Legacy quality firearm that will last lifetime(s) of heavy use.

Rifle - Desert/Open Terrain:


POF P308 16.5 (7.62/51mm - .308)

Rifle - If I could only have one:


POF P308 14.5 (7.62x51mm - .308)

The best compromise of power, weight, accuracy and reliability I've found.

Secondary (pistol):


Springfield Armory TRP (.45)

This 1911 model weapon is hand fitted and contains many of the custom features associated with models cost 2x as much.

Rifle Optic on 5.56:


Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1.x6

The best of both worlds - red dot and magnification. Excellent reticle framing, robust and works well with night vision. Read article

Rifle Optic - long range:


Trijicon Accupoint 5-20x50

Excellent glass for the money. Around $1,000, yet performs in the same league as optics costing 2x as much. No batteries is a big plus for preppers.

Knife - fixed blade:


Gerber Infantry II

Some years ago, Backpacker mag did a test. This knife was the only model that survived being driven into a stump with a sledgehammer. Good enough for me. Built in sharpener and excellent sheath.

Weapon Light:


ND3 Laser Designator

There are better dedicated torches to mount on a rifle. There are superior hand-held flashlights. Nothing comes close to the flexibility, range and uses of this device. Read article



Streamlight Sidewinder

I love this light. The features, construction and size fit more needs than any other torch I've owned. Read article

Rifle Sling:


Magpul MS4 or MS3

Easy conversion, 1 or 2 point, right to left side. Thin straps. Good adjustments. Multiple colors. Verify attachment points before selecting a model.

Night Vision:



Go with Gen III. WPT (White Phosphorus Technology) is new, but I like it. I prefer a monocular because of flexibility. Great for security, hunting and travel at night. Read Article

Body Armor:


Point Blank - Level IIIA

I recommend level IIIA armor for preppers. This is not combat armor, but will stop up to a .308 (under some circumstances). Much lighter than plate armor.

Load Vest:


511 LBV

Ladders over mesh makes this tolerable in hot environments. Excellent stitching, solid buckles and thin at the shoulders to avoid strap pollution. Lots of MOLLE real estate. Pick you color.

Large Pack:


Gregory Palisade 80

Best frame I could find. Tuff, waterproof, all the features anyone needs.

Water Purifier:



Light weight, little hard to pump but does a good job. Easy to clean and doesn't take much room.

DUMP Pouch:



Biggest one I could find with good closure. Mounts to belt of MOLLE.

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