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The Home Schooled Shootist: Training to Fight with a Carbine


This work is an instruction guide for intermediate to advanced shooters. It addresses fighting with shoulder-fired weapons at ranges 0 through 600 meters. The book assumes the reader has mastered basic remedial techniques and is fully versed in firearm safety.


In order to ensure the buyer's skills match the difficulty of the included exercises, a video preview showing limited examples has been created. It can be found below or via other common sources for Internet videos. A search of "Home Schooled Shootist" should generate several options.


This work is divided into three basic sections:


- How to create and execute eleven different drills that sharpen skills necessary to survive violent encounters


- How to evaluate the results of these exercises


- How to improve the operator's capabilities


Covering topics ranging from sight pictures, on-range and off-range training techniques, and even rifle specific weight training, Shootist is intended for those who want to train at their own pace, using their own facilities. The drills are creative, unique and can be challenging. Detailed instructions are included on how to construct the various training tools and courses.


In addition, a bonus section covering nutrition and its impact on shooting skills is included. Written by Mike Adams - The Health Ranger, it addresses the seldom-discussed topic of how physical health can impact fighting skills.


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