Joe Nobody Books


Tainted Robes

Assimilating mountains of raw data, artificial intelligence has developed the ability to accurately predict behavior, and its prophecy is alarming. Mankind is doomed. The apocalypse is on the horizon. Billions will die as society slides into complete anarchy.


Something must be done.


The cure isn’t simple or clean. To avoid a collapse, the government of the United States must be overthrown, a new form of rule established. The rest of the world will have no choice but to follow.


The silicon mastermind attacks, unleashing chaos, confusion, and destruction on the American justice system – the weakest link in democracy’s precious chain.

Thrust into the middle of this diabolical scheme is US Marshal Griffin Storm, a man with his own troubles. Working with Katherine “Kit” Carson, an assistant US attorney, this unlikely duo finds themselves battling a ruthless, determined foe that knows, sees, and hears everything.



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