Joe Nobody Books


Vaping With The Zombies:

A Five-Year Doomsday Nicotine Plan


Whether you’re preparing for a grid-down event, desire to quit smoking, or just want to spend less money on your nicotine habit, bestselling author Joe Nobody’s new guide to vaping can help.


Personal vaporizers aren’t e-cigarettes, ciga-likes, bongs, drug paraphernalia in disguise, or toys used by kids to look cool. Vaping is rapidly becoming the nicotine delivery method of choice because it is far less expensive and considered by many to be healthier alternative to traditional tobacco.

In this guide, Joe takes the reader through the basics, covering the advantages of vaping, equipment that will survive the apocalypse, and how to cache five years of pleasurable, SHTF nicotine for less than $250.


The book includes detailed instructions for storage, solar battery charging, field-repairs, and a host of information beneficial to all smokers who are looking for an alternative.



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